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“Brainforum” are international conferences on the topic of brain research, organized by BrainCircle Italia, in collaboration with EBRI Foundation of Rome and ELSC-Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

We are witnessing a real revolution in brain knowledge. Neuroscientists are talking about a new Renaissance that will change the perception of ourselves and the world around us by increasing our neural and computing skills, thanks to brain-machine interfaces which will help interactions among humans and computers and to nanotechnologies. This will bring forward a huge transformation in our environment and in our bodies. By curing neurodegenerative diseases that are are still one of the main problems in the medical field everywhere: not just Alzheimer and Parkinson, but also depression, autism, schizophrenia, even violence, which are not considered any longer mental illnesses but brain dysfunctions. Improving our knowledge of mental processes (memory, creativity, emotions, economical choices, etc) will therefore help us to understand and broaden our brain skills.

BrainForum brings the new frontiers in neuroscience to the vast public and encourages the exchange among scientists and students worldwide to create awareness of the future of man kind.

Brainforum numbers

over 500 articles on web and press, with whole pages on the most important national daily newspapers and radio and television interviews
150 prestigious international lecturers on stage
20 among the most important worldwide universities involved
180 universities following live the events live online
2000 people attending in the theatre
5200 web live-streams during conferences
5000 supporters on the main social networks
3000 views on Youtube
75.000 accesses to our site

Thousands of people have seen the exhibit “The colour of thought” (“Il colore del pensiero”) that was set open air from March 12 to April 12, 2011 in Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milan and thereafter in Deauville, Lisbon and Paris.

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